The Internet has given incredible freedoms to humanity. The ability to share, discuss or discover anything and everything anywhere at anytime is powerful, and it's helped me personally. I wouldn't be the same person today if it was not for a free and anonymous internet.

It's quite saddening to see Internet freedom be co-opted for purposes like this. The intelligence apparatuses will lecture other countries on the sad state of their Internet access while they clench down on Internet freedoms back at home.

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Congratulations !!


Twitter Files - Wikipedia -- Kathleen McCook



1 Background

2 Content

2.1 Content moderation of New York Post story

2.2 Visibility filtering

2.3 Attack on the Capitol and suspension of Donald Trump

2.4 FBI communications with Twitter Trust and Safety Team

3 Reactions

3.1 Politicians

3.2 Legal scholars

3.3 Privacy and security

3.4 Former Twitter employees

3.5 Journalists

3.6 Commentators

4 Reference

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It depends on the software. I'm not sure about Psiphon, but Tor and Tails (also OTF backed projects) give complete anonymity which make it completely impossible to trace. Signal has a feature called 'sealed sender' which stops them from knowing who's sending messages to who ((https://signal.org/blog/sealed-sender/). Another program funded by OTF, Certbot, has actually made the Internet much more secure by issuing TLS certificates automatically and making it so that connections to websites can't be intercepted.

I hate to be spruiking for spooks but a lot of the software that they back is actually useful, and is also useful for avoiding censorship and mass surveillance that we have here in the west.

I'll also add, something I find suspicious is Telegram Messenger. It's a major unencrypted messaging app (meaning that the operators can see every message that has been sent through it, it's incredibly insecure) that has been popular in Iran, Russia and Belarus for quite some time now and has been used to organise protests in these countries, circumvent censorship in news. For years it ran out of Singapore, Berlin, London without any sort of legal troubles. There's a shitload of illegal stuff on Telegram, and nobody has ever really done much to stop it and it never gets taken down. Even when people in western countries used it to break laws it was never taken down. They have servers in Miami, Amsterdam and Singapore as well. I always thought that it was backed by some sort of western intelligence, or was simply 'allowed to exist' by whatever greater powers that be because it was helpful to them. I don't have any evidence to back my suspicions though.

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Tor is not impossible to trace. Security agencies run poisoned nodes. To quote ChatGPT: The routing nodes in the Tor network are run by volunteers and some of them could be compromised.

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You're right, it's only secure if you're using the hidden services.

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